Labrador Puppies for Sale in Ontario

Labrador Puppies for Sale
in Ontario

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Our Upcoming Litters

Labrador Retriever puppies for sale in Ontario.

Please do not apply till we are confirmed pregnant – plans and details are below.

You must fill out an application for upcoming litters – if approved a deposit is required.

Please do not apply till you see we are accepting applications.

Our Plans for 2023

We are hoping for two litters this year – home time will be end of the year/ first of 2024.

Our plans are already in motion and are as follows.

Miss Sereh -We have bred Sereh to CH. Atlantic’s Hat Trick “Finn” from Labradale Kennels in Quebec.

And our puppies have arrived! November 4th.

We are all well, and for those on our reservation list – we will be in touch shortly.


Miss Sueze – plans for a breeding with this lady to Oaksill’s  “Chance” – Cardiff Hill Name of the Game – another outstanding young yellow man that has a wonderful pedigree, in December of this year.

Puppies would not go home till spring ’24. Please do not apply till we announce we are pregnant.

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Puppy Purchase Process

Start by reading our website thoroughly. Here you’ll find detailed info on how the puppies are raised and also specifics about each of our dams and sires.
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Puppy prices: We price our puppies once they are born.
To inquire about our pricing please contact us.

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Check Upcoming Litters to update yourself on our plans. Keep watching this page for an announcement – we do not take advanced reservations until we have ultrasound confirmed pregnancy.

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Read the Purchase Contract & Health Warranty. If you have questions about it, ask. This document is what you will be agreeing to and signing on puppy pick-up day (not now), for this reason it is important that the terms are clear and agreeable to you.

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Application: When the reservation list is open, please fill out our Puppy Inquiry Form (this is mandatory, even if you’ve called or emailed previously). This form is how we standardize puppy reservation inquiries and allows us to have all of your information in one place.
Additionally, if you have any questions, you’ll be able to ask them there, or request an appointment to visit. After reviewing your inquiry, we will ask some additional questions and may request references.


Deposit: If there is a likelihood of a good match being available from an upcoming litter, you will be invited to place a deposit to secure a puppy reservation.
Subsequently, you will be notified by email or phone once our puppies have arrived.

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Socialization: Our puppy socialization process is intense and unique – we ask you to wait until we invite you to come to visit, at 4 weeks of age. We will do a proper interview, you will help us with the evaluations for your puppy and at the same time, we will set up a day to pick up your puppy.

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Final Evaluation: At 7 weeks of age, they will have their final evaluations and puppies are matched to their new families soon after that.

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Homecoming: Puppies are made available for pick-up at 7.5 weeks of age. On puppy pick-up day, you will provide the balance of the funds owing for the puppy and sign our purchase contract. We do not ship or deliver puppies.


Stay In Touch! We want to stay in contact with you for the life of your puppy! Please keep us updated with any progress or challenges you experience. Photos are greatly appreciated, we also LOVE to get visits from our puppy owners so plan to stop in if possible in the future for a family reunion!

Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in Ontario.